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    questions about the 2858-gctid345230

    I currently have an '88 2556 and the wife and I are wanting to upgrade to the 2858 I have found one in California that I am interested in but wont be able to make the drive from Alaska until spring to pick it up. So right now I am still in the research faze.

    To the other 2858 owners out there this boat is rigged with a 7.4mpi Mercruiser and a Bravo III leg, What kind of economy, cruise speed can I expect with this boat and how will it do loaded down.

    My 2556 has a 383 in it and the cobra leg I can run loaded or unloaded with it at a cruise speed of about 23-24kts GPS speed. The boat does great and dosnt change much on the cruising speed how heavy she is loaded. When fully loaded with gear for a week 4 people, 8 guns, packs, food, two dogs 50 gallons of extra fuel and the dingy I can still get 1.5 nautical miles per gallon at 23kts and loaded with just me and the wife with gear for a weekend I can get about 1.9 nautical miles per gallon at 24kts running at 3600 rpms.

    I am really happy with the way my boat runs and performs but our little family just got about 8 lbs bigger and we are wanting to get something with a litttle more room. So if anyone is willing to share info on these boats I would be greatful.

    Thanks Tony

    Tony, we've owned our 2556 for 11 years. We've looked at 2858 several times. When you get right down to it, the 2858 is just not that much bigger (especiallly the newer ones) that what you have. You get some more storage, but not a lot more livable space.

    The power plant update would be nice for you.
    Tally and Vicki
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      I agree with Talman, I don't think you gain a whole lot. I don't have any fuel numbers yet, but mine has the same engine and drive and it tops out at 36 mph and cruises about 22-25 mph. If you want a really roomy flybridge model, check out the 3258.
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        Consider how you can make your 2556 bigger. TONS of space above the ceiling between the flybridge shell. Make those two hatches openable and use it for charts, fishing gear, etc.

        Do you use the space behind the dinette cushions? We roll up our bedding in there, and just roll it out when we want to use the dinette as a birth. There is a 2x1x7 foot space in there.

        We haven't done this yet, but will: put a door into the cave in the stepupt to the dinete,( right across from the galley. Make use of the cave space, most of that is wasted.

        Doors/hatches into the space under the v-birth. Reverse the door in the hanging locker to make access easier to it. Put a shelf in the storage under the helm to allow more storage. Remove the fishwell, and store a TON of stuff in that space.

        These are great boats, lots of options to make it bigger. I just don't see myself or Vicki being happier in a 2858. A 3488, yes.
        Tally and Vicki
        "Wickus" Meridian 341
        MMSI 338014939


          I am not sure which generation 2858 that you are wanting to get but I will tell you about mine(1989 2858). I love the layout and find it provides lots of room and storage for things. I am not familiar with the layout on your current boat as I have never been on one, but I assume its probably fairly similiar. As for performance numbers I currently have a bored over 350 = 357 power package with the bravo III leg. This is what mercury considers their 454 (7.4L) replacement for the 2858 boats. If I am fully loaded with gear, water, fuel and a 9'10" brig RIB inflatable with a 6HP outboard I will cruise at 22knots at about 3700RPM and getting 1.6NMPG. If i am running lighter, like half fuel I will see around 1.8-1.9 NMPG at 23-24knots. I have been able to hit 34knots WOT if you really needed to get somehwhere in a hurry! I would assume that the 7.4L probably burns more fuel then that but the newer generation 2858 is also heavier then mine. All in all you would'nt be disappointed but then again I am not sure how much extra room you really would like to gain. The only thing we miss the most in this boat is having an enclosed shower, but thats just getting greedy for a 28.


            Hi Tony,

            I've got a 1998 2858, spec'd much like the one you were looking at, we love the boat! Performance is similar to what you quote for your 2556, cruise is 22-25 knots at 3500 - 3700rpm, WOT hits 32 knots at 4500-4600 rpm. I installed a NMEA2000 fuel flow for my Lowrance HDS7m this summer, at cruise it was indicating 45 l/hr, that works out to about 2.0 NMP(US)G. Hull speed and lower it was down around 1.2-1.4 l/hr @6-7 knots, so economy with the 7.4 MPI and B3 leg is about as good as what you're seeing currently.

            We got those numbers going out for two weeks at a time, staying on the hook with a 2.7 Airdeck and 4HP on davits, Honda2000 and extra fuel for each, as well as all the food, drink etc for two weeks for two.

            I haven't been on a 2556, but from looking at photo's on yachtworld the extra 3' makes a fair difference. Some observations are a larger flybridge and seating, wider side decks, walk through transom door and large platform. The bow area on the 2858 is quite nice for working lines and the anchoring duties, and has room for lounging.

            Interior improvements with the extra length seem to be in the head, just a bit more room to move, the v berth which appears longer and a bit wider with the 4" extra beam . The galley improvements would be almost twice the counter space and cupboard space and larger sink, as well as the much larger fridge. The dinette seems a bit larger as well and the much larger hanging locker and additional storage under the helm are nice. Although they are not huge gains in any area, each one adds up to make it more liveable.

            Whether it is worth the cost to upgrade is hard to say, although the 7.4MPI and B3 is a great combination.

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              flybridge is definately a plus on the 2858.

              cockpit on the 2556 is way bigger than the 2858.

              easier engine access on the 2858.

              The galley is not significantly bigger on the 28.

              The view from inside is WAY better on the 25, you are looking up, not out, on the 28.

              For the amount of money you should be sure it is worth is for the (marginal, imho) upside on the 28
              Tally and Vicki
              "Wickus" Meridian 341
              MMSI 338014939