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1987 2455 Side window replacement Adhesion information mrequired-gctid382868

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    1987 2455 Side window replacement Adhesion information mrequired-gctid382868

    I need information on what to use for an adhesive when installing a new side window on a 1987 2455 Cierra Cruiser..

    Windows are pkexiglass.

    What should I use ?

    NO takers on this ???


      This is just the way I do things now after having an 87 contessa and 88 Avanti for the last 12 years. I used to use the 3/4" double sided tape provided with the windows but it only held for a year or two. Now I use 1" wide double sided tape and it has been on my windows for 8 years now... This can be found at advanced auto parts as 3M 1" double sided moulding tape...

      I also use a good premium GE silicone for windows and doors (I prefer Black silicone as it doesn't show any color change or mold with age). I tape off the window and the boat hull leaving about a 1/4" gap from the tape to the window to fill with caulk, do just small sections at a time like just the bottom then the top, before smoothing with your finger. do not try to fix anything in the caulking after your first pass with your finger, it will only get worse..

      Cleaning the area after scraping all of the old tape and silicone should be done with alchol to get a good adhesion to the fiberglass and plexiglass. also put the tape on the window first and make sure you have no gaps between pieces at all of the angle cuts. I just did 3 windows on one side with a buddy on his 32' Avanti last weekend and it took us about 3 hrs.... but we have done this before on our bayliners.... Any questions ask away.....

      Good luck and post a picture when your done...


        When i replace my side windows on my old 1988 2455 ceiera i used automotive

        moulding tape then went around the window with lifeseal silicone.

        all worked vwry well.

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