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Boat wouldn(39)t start!!!-gctid382672

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    Boat wouldn(39)t start!!!-gctid382672

    Had the heart attack of heart attacks last night.....

    took my sister and her family out last night and ran around the lakes. spent about an hour and half on the water, nice and quiet fun evening.

    bring the boat in, docked it, tied it up.

    got my truck put the trailer in the water got back in the boat and she won't start! immediate heart sink (still a boat virgin) spent 10mins trying to figure out what the heck happened... had plenty of fuel all the gauges look normal can't seem to figure out what is going on!!!

    finally, after about 20mins, my sister says that she was reading the warning labels near the throttle and check to see if she bumped the emergency shut off switch......sure enough it was teetering between run and off so looking at it it wasn't all the way down or all the way up so I clicked it all the way down then all the way back up and sure enough SHE fired right up!!!


    I'm not a mechanic and that scared the crap out of me as I had no clue what happened.... especially after reading about user seapuppy and having 46k in damages after hitting a rock I thought maybe I hit something in coming back in (like a gator).....


    I think that has happened to everyone at one time or another


      Reminds me of a demonstration my boss coordinated when I was in the USCG as an electronics Tech. An admiral was coming for a visit to our outpost, and the Master Chief wanted to show off how good his ET's were by staging "repair drills".

      Well, my drill started out as a failed transmitter, ended up with me taking apart the power supply and replacing a couple of the circuit boards (for a cost ~ $1200 back in 1983) and about 3 hours of pressure filled repair.

      Turned out my "drill" was an accidental toggle switch turned off at the main console.... After that day, I was only allowed to cut the grass.


        We've all been there. You'd think you would only do it once and remember. Not me. I've done it with tiller motors, deckboats, my current boat.

        Last year I had a full crowd on board waiting to go for a cruise, motor wouldn't start. I even got down in the engine bay before the little light in my head went off. Stupid safety switch!


          my co-working told me, when I told him this morning, "Trust me it won't be your last, I've been boating for 30yrs and still do it from time to time"....

          its funny because I work in IT and have done everything from server installs, to cable runs, to hardware/software support on computers and 99% of the time the fix is super easy and a simple one but you don't realize it til after you panic and assume its something worse and spend a long time on it to find out it was just a 1 setting click change or in my case a flip of a switch.........

          I know you guys have all been there, that does make me feel better that I'm not alone...LOL, but that feeling last night....wholly crap..... the only thing I could think of was "did I just ruin this thing...." my wife is going to kill me!!! HAHAHA

          I think what I should do is punish myself and leave work today put the boat on the water and think about what I've could have done better for next time and practice drills...seems like thats the only way to learn.....

          now only if I can get my boss on board with that......


            I feel your pain. I'm good for at least 3 or 4 of these every summer. Let's hope it's the only thing that causes starting problems this season!


              I have an old home video of my dad starting his brand new bowrider for the first time in the driveway. cranking and cranking, then the 'oh yeah' moment, flip the kill switch to run, then vroom. We watch it and tease him about it every so often. good stuff.


                I feel your pain. 1988 I bought a new Bayliner 1750 and the second time out it wouldn't start. Every boat owner on the lake looked at it. After three hours on the dock I pulled the boat and drove twenty miles to the only boat shop open on a Sunday at Eagle Lake ,Ca. The Mech asked about the kill switch and I asured him I checked it first. He then spent 10 min. checking spark, fuel and fuses. He then said pull the kill switch and put it back on and you guessed it. He laughed, said welcome back to boating and didn't charge a dime. I never forgot that day and have spent many hours helping others in the same way to repay the boat God. Gary
                1988 2655
                2009 Volvo Penta 5.7 300 hp DP F3s
                Twice Past Commodore
                Northwest Outboard Trailer Sailors, Eugene,OR