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1996 2002 trophy w/ force 120 yes or no ?-gctid382283

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    1996 2002 trophy w/ force 120 yes or no ?-gctid382283

    Considering this boat .... comments please currently own a '97 1950 capri i/o --

    is the force okay? enough power ? top speed? boat is in good condition, new enclosure, newer trailer?

    A 120 HP motor isn't enough for that boat. My 1998 is rated for 175 horses. With a couple people it will cruise about 30, but it does burn a lot of fuel compared to newer motors. The other caution is since Force is no longer producing motors, parts are difficult to get and some shops won't even work on them. If you get a great deal on the boat and trailer, go for it but plan on repowering as soon as the Force gives you any problems.


      Bull pucky! There is nothing wrong with a Force and if not ignored will last forever. Parts are easy to find...however I will concede a Shop to work on it might be hard to find depending on where you are. If it runs well and is fast enough "for you" when loaded down then it's perfect.

      If one of my Force engines needed a major rebuild then I might consider looking at something newer in a 4 stroke that got better gas mileage, but I would not get rid of it just for the sake of doing so.:arr


        Any boat purchase is a gamble

        However My 1988 Force 125 runs fantastic and always has .

        I have seen a lot of new parts for these on e-bay, trim pumps water pumps electronics etc.

        There are a lot of Force motors still out there.

        if its a good deal I would not run away too quickly.



        1988 Bayliner Trophy 2103FP

        Force 125hp, Mercury 9.8 kicker