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Where to find Bayliner Canvas Storage Container Bags?-gctid382239

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    Where to find Bayliner Canvas Storage Container Bags?-gctid382239

    I recently bought a 2012 Bayliner 175. It came with these black canvas bags that clip into the cockpit track that lines the inside of the boat. I really like them because they are great for holding and storing things.

    Does anyone know where to buy these?

    Im not sure of their name. Id like to buy more of them. Thanks!


    I would pop on over to Bayliner's site and visit the customer service page (link below). Follow the rabbit trail and send them a note. It is so new I'm sure they would have some you can buy from them directly. They've always been great when I've needed things.

    Customer Service


      Hi Keith,

      Thanks. I sent them a message. Well see what happens...


        No problem. I've got some email addresses I could dig up for you as well if you don't hear from them. They are great about watching this forum so don't' be surprised if the see it here first.

        Oh, and I should have welcomed you to the BOC. Great place. Hopefully you stick around and hang out for a while.