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    Shutdown / Startup List-gctid380354

    Hello - Does anyone have a good format for a start-up or shut down list. I have multiple people that take out my 285 and I would like to create a document that tells them they way to leave the battery switches, shorepower, etc. Also need to create a cheat sheet for start-up, check the oil, check that battery water, etc.

    If something exists, I will happily steal it. Otherwise I can see that a couple of searches on here will provide me with most of the information needed, I just need to consolidate it.


    2008 285SB

    I can email you my lists.

    Send me a private message with your email address.


    I have Checklists for the:

    Dockside & Cockpit

    Engine Bay


    We use these before major trips.
    Jim McNeely
    New Hope a 2004 Bayliner 305 Sunbridge Express Cruiser
    Twin 5.7s with Bravo2 drives
    Brighton, Michigan USA
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      If this boat has shared usage, that is an excellent idea. I'm sure that Jim's list will cover everything. Jim is known for being very thorough.... to put it mildly!

      As for the Battery Switch, if this is set up correctly, there is no need to leave it turned on. Your main bilge pump float switch will be powered when the switch is OFF.... if it's set up correctly.

      Likewise with any O/B Battery Charger..... the MBSS can be left in the OFF position.

      This makes it simple for all users.

      Rick E. (aka RicardoMarine) Gresham, Oregon
      2850 Bounty Sedan Flybridge model
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      Please, no PMs. Ask your questions on forum.


        I use one because I am a COF.

        When you get to my age, the memory is the second thing to go........

        I forgot what the first was.........

        Start with a hand written one, and triple space the entries. This way, when on scene and doing it real world, you can pencil in the stuff you forgot.

        Then, type/print it out. Microsoft word works really nice for this. I have written test procedures and reports in it for the Gov't.

        Buy some laminating sheets which have the built-in sticky one them. Weather proofs it.

        Use a "sharpie" marker, and clean with alcohol afterward, to mark the things as you do them.

        However, you ain't a seasoned boater until:

        1. Launch w/o the drain plug in.

        2. Run aground

        3. Get lost of waaaayyyy off course.

        4. Forget something else you need at home

        (#1 and #4 is what the list is for.)

        Actually my list is made in 4 parts:

        Pre underway (at home) like, check oil, batteries, foods, drinks etc

        At ramp get ready.

        On a second sheet:

        Returning to ramp and on the trailer.

        Put to bed in yard

        Lack of a check list:

        A long while back, I was in charge of demonstrating the make ready and use of a CG P2 portable pump. ( Gasoline powered, 20,000GPH) I did this at a local park ramp which had a big wide dock that we could safly use it on.

        Up to the ramp comes Mr. Gold chains and Ms. Silicon city winner. Go fast boat and truck, both with custom paint jobs.

        He takes off the safety straps, and backs the boat into the water, while She hold the lines. He comes onyto the dock and makes the boat fas, then gets into the truck to park it.

        After throughoutly checking out the equipment, we noticed the boat seems to be settling lower in the water. After parking his rig, we mentioned that the boat seems to be sinking. So, he bellows at her "didn't I tell you to take care of the drain plug?" She reaches into her purse and holds it up.

        Now, the water was into the cockpit, so we used our pump, which was way overkill to keep it dry until he came back with the truck. They trailer it, put on the straps and roar off back to home, withw ater still coming out of the drain.

        Either Ms. Silicon is really dumb, or really smart and getting back at Gold chain for yelling at her before. We still enjoyed it...

        (No she was not blonde)
        Captharv 2001 2452
        "When the draft of your boat exceeds the depth of water, you are aground"