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38 cabin door weather strip replacement felt-gctid379712

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    38 cabin door weather strip replacement felt-gctid379712

    I haven't had any luck finding the original thread that talked about where you can buy the replacement felt that will work on our 3888 cabin door.

    I would appreciate any help.

    Thanks :worth

    I used a srtip of rubber/foam type weather stripping available most any big box. My 3818 had a fairly wide gap on the bulhead that the door closes against. It was brown and blended in fairly well. It has functioned well for several years. I think it had a sticky side to attatch to the bulkhead. Is this the area you are talking about?



      I did the same thing on my 38 - any Big Box store will have self-sticky weather strip.
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        Thanks for the input and I appreciate it.

        But I'm looking for the type of weather stripping that was original to the door.

        I'm not sure if it was called "mole or moe hair" it is attached to the door edge on the inside jamb side edge. It looked like a short bristle with something like Teflon strip in the center?

        Very common I'm sure but I'd like to replace it with the original size.

        I wish I could locate the thread that was posted on the old form. I'll keep looking.

        Thanks again