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  • Quit playing with your dinghy...-gctid379466

    1st outing of the new dinghy, everything worked pretty well.


    fat guy little boat

    something tells me this is going to work out well

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    Looking good Ryan!!!
    Doug ;}
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      Go Aweigh2452 wrote:
      Looking good Ryan!!!
      yep, and little girl is just beautiful !!

      lucky YOU



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        Safety first - remember to wear your life jacket :surr
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          There is something special about fathers with their little daughters. I had two. Now they are all grown up. Man, I miss those days. Enjoy every moment; the time will pass way too fast.


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            Is that an old 6? I'll bet that inflatable goes along pretty good with it.


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              My daughter began her boating career at 2 months. That was 30 years ago. This weekend will be my new granddaughters' first boat trip on grandpa's boat. She is almost 2 months. I bought her her first life jacket yesterday.The circle of life...

              [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/682998=27460-Violet.jpg[/img]Little Violet


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                Looks good Ryan, how's the stability? How would it do with you and me in it? Your problems with Aquamarine have me thinking Baltik. If you had a do-over...???
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                  Ryan ..... mate, I cannot see your daugther in the last photo. Did she make use of the vest (very well done having it on her) and slip over board?

                  Wow the distance between the berths at your marina are massive. With ours, being 15 metre berths, I believe I have half a boat length, for and astern, when I turn to berth. I always have heart in throat, continually looking forward and astern, to see how I am going. Your marina, seems so much easier and less stressful.

                  Find that girl



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                    I don't know but I kinda like playing with my dinghy.
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                      got a pic of where you put your davits pads?
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                        She gets her looks from her mom obviously I did have my life jacket in the dinghy with throwable, I took it off we were just going for a little puttputt around the dock fingers, until she started yelling FASTER DADY FASTER! It was pretty good, she couldnt stop giggling and now claims it as her boat. She has been an avid boater since about 8 weeks old Still gota work on her holding on, she wanted to sit up on the bench chair, but I made her sit down and hold the straps. We will work on that this weekend some more, maybe even do a little exploring in the old mississippi back waters. I will need to harass my guide john for some directions

                        Stability is good, for a dinghy, shes 10' long so theres a good amount of room. The admiral and myself took it out and I showed her how the engine works and all that stuff so she can use it when she wants. We couldnt get on plane with the 2 of us, but just me and the kid got on plane np, it was actually easier with her onboard because of some weight in the front.

                        Jeff I would probably do it again, but ensure they send me the documents right away when I orderd it. Others have ordered from them and had no issues getting documents, I of course did but thats my usual luck. The aluminum floor is pretty hard to beat, and the weight raiting at 1100lbs is excellent, especially for us since we plan on fishing and using the dinghy alot. We will see how it holds up over this summers abuse though.

                        I have another post where I put up pics of the pads and all the other stuff I glued to it, its in tech discussion "snap davit pre-install". I posted some pics last night for you guys

                        Oh and thats a GENUINE 1984 evinrude 8hp, it runs perfect.


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                          The tubes look a little bit wrinkled. I think they could use more air.