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  • force 50 rpm help please-gctid378265

    Hi all, I have a 1989 bayliner capri witha 89 force 50hp on it and i just would like some input the wheel thats on it is a 11 pich with the rpm at 5100+- and the boat seems to go about 23mph but i just found a nice new prop that I was told is a 11 pich I just want to know will i hert the engine if i run this prop by having it run at 200 more rpm. and will the boat be any faster. Thanks Dan

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    No one has any input ?


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      I found these specs online and I hope this is what you are looking for:


      Force 50 hp marine outboard motors featured a wide open throttle minimum of 4,750 rpm and a maximum of 5,250 rpm. The engine utilized a gear ratio that measured 2-to-1.


      Force 50 hp outboard marine engines used three-blade, C-style propellers. At an optimal speed of 17 to 20 mph, the recommended propeller measured 12.25 inches in diameter with a pitch of nine degrees. For an optimal speed of 32 to 38 mph, the recommended propeller was 11.75 inches in diameter and 17 degrees in pitch.

      Read more: Specifications for Force 50 Horsepower Marine Outboard Motor |