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    Two Electrical Questions-gctid377476

    Hi All-

    Took the boat out for the first ride of the season on Sunday, and discovered two electrical issues.

    First, our electric head appears to have no power going to it. Does anyone know where the breaker would be for this on a 305? There were no apparent tripped breakers under the dash.

    Second, the genet started up and ran fine, but it does not energize the panel once the ship's power breaker is engaged. I am assuming there is a breaker on the genset itself, but I have not looked yet.

    Any input? Thanks!

    I'm not sure if the panel on the 305 is the same as the 3055. Mine has a pair of breakers on the top left, one for shore input and the other for generator input. Make sure the right one is engaged. Also, what does it read if you set the voltmeter to generator? If zero, then the breaker on the generator is tripped. Which generator do you have?

    There are a variety of toilet options on these boats, and yours may even be aftermarket. Is this a boat you just bought, or was it working last season while you owned it and just stopped?


      The head was working when we put the boat away last year, and now does not.

      I will have to check the generator - I didn't have time when we were there.


        Have you actually checked the voltage at the switch? It may be that the pump has seized.


          If it's a jabsco toilet you can remove the pump motor cover at the bottom back of the toilet. THe shaft of the motor will stick out about 1/2 inch. Grap this shaft with a pair of channel locks (water pump pliers) and rock it back and forth. The impeller may just be seized a bit.


            Thanks guys - I will check that. I assumed that's what the issue was, but there was not even a clicking of the motor or anything beyond the noise of the switch itself. Still worth checking. I have to pick up a voltmeter - I should have one!


              On my 3055 the 12v breakers are below the dash. My jabsco had corrosion and tripped the breaker. Had to replace the jabsco.

              This project was how I found BOC. I was beyond lost, now I am much nearer to lost.


                Okay, so I now have answers to both questions-

                The genset was easy... somehow the breaker on the genset had been tripped - reset breaker, and now all is good.

                The head had a blown fuse caused by bad impellers straining the electric motor. electric head rebuilt with new impellers, fuse replaced, all set to go!