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    proper prop-gctid377339

    i have a 94 2655 ciera with mercruiser 5.0L and alpha out drive. buddy using yesterday clipped some rocks, and nicked up prop. pulling out of water this morning. what is the stock prop for that drive?? what pitch?? i'm having real problems with low rpm's at WOT with current prop. 3100 rpm vs 4600 spec. prop might have been changed when some work was done, don't know. my buddy has several new props all 14 1/4 dia, so looking for suggestions for what pitch for max rpm's. in neutral engine does 5000 rpm WOT so i'm thinking i don't have correct prop. thanks all

    Wow, where to start.

    1. RPM in neutral means nothing at all. Your maximum and minimum WOT RPM are printed on top of your motor cover. If you don't have it, I'm pretty sure for your motor it's between 4200 and 4600 RPM.

    2. The only way to determine the right prop is starting from a known prop and changing pitch. What is the current prop size?

    3. 3100 is insanely low. Again, what prop size was on there? When was the last time the boat had a routine service like plugs, ignition adjustment, etc?

    4. Is the boat in the water or trailered? If in the water, is there much growth on the hull?