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  • The best two days of boat ownership-gctid376690

    We all know the saying 'The two best days of owning a boat are they day you buy it, and the day you sell it'

    I've got a solid offer on my Cobalt 262 and even at full asking price, I'm not certain I agree. I'm sad to see her go. I can't justify owning two boats, and I am happy on that point. Otherwise almost all my days out on her were damned good. I'm hoping the new owner and his family enjoy her as much as I did! I'm starting to think that the saying probably applies to normal folks that buy boats, not us 'unfortunates' that have the disease we love to call boating!

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    Well, since you have a 2nd boat, it's prob better to be sad about losing one of 'em than to be sad about owning/storing/paying for 2 of 'em!

    All the best on the sale and with your new boat.

    Bon Voyage!

    Capt Sarah


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      Alloting some of the proceeds from the old one for some toys for the new one will help say goodbye


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        The sale of my Cobalt actually is going to cover the purchase of my 305, haul/paint/zincs, and license/registration. Time to put some cash back to work long-term!

        I love my toy fund. It's pretty rare these days that any toys I buy come out of my normal checking account. This weekend I got rid of a RC truck, a mountain bike, an old macbook, a vertical grip for my SLR....+2k is burning a hole in my pocket. I'm actually trying to decide if a lawn mower counts as a toy or if I should just buy it out of checking.


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          We can relate, sold our Cobalt 253 late last fall... It sold fast, 500 shy of asking price. The Regal and the Four Winns are still sitting out there for sale. We will miss that boat. Pic is from Lake Chelan. We went up to Stehekin and back in a few hours. 63MPH or better with that 502! And the captains call, music to my ears! Now we cruise at 8 knots! But hey, a happy wife, a grill and a head seem to make up for the lack of speed...

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