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Recommissioning, FWIW-gctid376399

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    Recommissioning, FWIW-gctid376399

    My winter project were to R/R the sea water pump, check on the port manifold/riser/space, and re-gasket and root out the heat exchanger. I have been re-assembling over the last few weeks, with few issues. The impellor on the FW pump likely would have lasted another two years. The HE was perfect, but a little paint made her look great. The mani was perfect as were the spacer and riser (the riser is original, a huge tesimonial for Salt Away)

    Assembly has gone uneventfully until today. I filled her with antifreeze, and cranked her over.. All sounded great, batteries were topped, got oil pressure, etc, but she wouldn't catch. With the FW pump off all winter, the gas lines and water sep were likely bone dry, and I gave some credence to that, but lots of cranking wasn't resulting in a catch. I checked the deadman's switch, good. The carb seemed pretty dry, so I'm thinking fuel pump or blockage. I did have these lines disconnected all winter. I rounded up a squirt bottle and put a little gas in. A small shot to the carb got a quick fire, but no catch. Ignition is good!, still thinking fuel pump. Another shot of gas, and a quick fire, but no catch. I was getting ready to pull a fuel line to see if I was getting delivery, but another shot of raw fuel, and she caught and ran strong for 20 minutes at all RPM.

    I don't think I will ever leave the fuel line delivery system open for the winter. Even changing the water sep filter doesn't result in this kind of starting issues.

    Tally and Vicki
    "Wickus" Meridian 341
    MMSI 338014939

    Tally, I agree. I would not leave a fuel system dry or open for the lay up.

    If you have concerns, consider removing the fuel filter cartridge and dump the fuel into a container.

    If the feul is clean, add some stabilizing oil to it, refill the cartridge, and re-install.

    Then fire the engine up for a few minutes.

    BTW, what is a FW pump?

    Rick E. (aka RicardoMarine) Gresham, Oregon
    2850 Bounty Sedan Flybridge model
    Twin 280 HP 5.7's w/ Closed Cooling
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