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    dually towing-gctid375833

    does anyone here tow a big boat with a 2wd dually. i drive a diesel 94 f350 crewcab dually.i tow a 89 2755.. i have gotten stuck in the mud just pulling through the yard out of my garage several times with brand new tires.. it seams to do pretty good on pavement, but i'm afraid of loosing traction and being stuck on a launch ramp. i have only had the boat out once, the truck did great launching and loading.. but the whole time i was boating, i was thinking "i sure hope i don't need to call a wrecker to pull me out of the launch ramp.. am i being paranoid, the truck did great the one time i tried it. but i only backed a little ways down the ramp, and wrenched the boat most of the way up the trailer(that was a workout and an adventure in it self) does anyone else regularly load a big boat with a 2wd dually?? or am i just asking for trouble?

    i wish a new 4x4 superduty was an option, but it just not in the budget rite now

    Wish I could be more encouraging but, I have only had 4x4 trucks and pulled my share of 2 wheelers out of all sorts of situations.

    Now, that said, keeping weight in the back, keeping the tires off of the sand, slime or other slippery stuff on the ramp, and avoiding too steep a ramp, or hitting the ramp when the tide, if you have tides, is optimal for the best part of the ramp, then you should be alright.

    If you are worried, wait until there is another vehicle, or several others there able to help, just in case.

    Most ramps in this neck of the woods have anchor points at or near the top for winch lines or even cable pullers. Some times all that's needed is a little help to get it moving.



      Keep a tow line in your truck. Someone will help out if you have a problem.

      Also the weight in the bed is a good idea. If some of the weight were bags of sand, it might help for traction on a slippery ramp.

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        Like Doug said, keep a tow line handy. I have used a 2wd Dually for the past 10 years. Haven't been stuck yet, but then I won't use real steep ramps and generally try to time hauling out, especially, to high tide so as to avoid ramp slime. I usually have to back down so that the rear tires are just touching the water to get the boat on easily. I've not had a problem so far, but maybe I've been lucky too. I can see where you might get stuck in your back yard with a trailer on. It's happened to me also on wet grass and muddy conditions. Just gotta plan when you are going to do things. And make sure you have tires in good condition. Worn out half bald ones are not gonna help. My truck is a regular cab model and maybe that works a little better than a crew cab because of the shorter wheelbase. I have the boat in rack storage now so haven't done any launching in the past year and, oh yeah, my trailer was stolen a while back also, but that's another story.
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          I pull mine with this 2wd diesel, 6 speed tranny and super low gear plus traction lock. The boat is at least 18,000lbs when it goes in the water in the spring. In the fall when I pull it out it is a minimum of 14,600 empty and then add the trailer which is several 1000's of pounds. I have never had a problem pulling at my launch and it is a stone bottom not concrete. They pull 60,000lb boats out of it though. It would get stuck if the ground were soft I am sure.My father comes with every year.Thunder

          [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/679404=26959-boat launch 2011 013 (Large).jpg[/img]

          [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/679404=26960-boat launch 2011 006 (Large).jpg[/img]


            My boat is a bit larger, and I do have the 3500 Dually.

            I've not even tried pulling up the launch ramp in 2WD. I always go into 4WD Low.

            I will say that if you did run into a problem, it doesn't take much of a vehicle to give you an extra pull up the ramp.

            I did that once with my F350 2WD. It would not pull my 2850 up the ramp. It just skipped and hopped.

            A little Toyota PU came to my rescue, and gave me a pull... it was a piece of cake for him.

            All you can do is give it a try.

            Ditto the tow line... have one ready.


            Thunder.... what have you for a trailer????

            I've not seen one quite like that!

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              I made it. It is nothing pretty to look at but has 3 7000lb axles and is rated at 20,000lbs. You will not bend the tongue on this thing. I hauled this boat back from South Carolina with it. It works great for me. It was a process to get plates and registered. They try to stick you for all the taxes.



                if i had the trailer on, there would be no chance in mud. i get stuck just pulling out of the garage after it rains. all 4 tires just spin, its like the back is on jack stands. never seen a vehicle so bad in the mud.. it seams to go great on asphalt.. not too bad on ice ether.. i think i am going to put the cap back on for weight and maybe a few sandbags and just carry my towstrap with me in case.. i used to have a 20' boat that i towed with a 4x4 f150. i never even needed 4x4 even with bald tires on it, but that was a different situation. i got this boat last fall, and then traded the f150, for the dually, not even thinking about getting stuck, i thought a dually would get plenty of traction before i realized it gets half as much from the weight being spread out on 4 tires instead of 2.. i think i just got scared when i got stuck driving through my yard so easily. i have a habit of worrying too much sometimes.. thanks for replying, i feel a little better about doing it.


                  go with some extra weight. I'm talking a few hundred pounds. Put it right over the rear axle. It's gonna help for hauling but not so much for fuel mileage so if you aren't driving it alot, it's not gonna matter that much. Cheaper than a new truck.
                  1990 2755 - sold
                  2005 275 - sold (now boatless)


                    Thunder wrote:
                    I made it. It is nothing pretty to look at but has 3 7000lb axles and is rated at 20,000lbs. You will not bend the tongue on this thing. I hauled this boat back from South Carolina with it. It works great for me. It was a process to get plates and registered. They try to stick you for all the taxes.

                    One heavy duty trailer Thunder, great build

                    I do not see a winch tower for the bow, how come?????


                      I strap it like a transport trailer like this. This trailer is a set-up. We used these guys last year to haul my buddies 338 here.

                      [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/679911=27070-338 023 (Large).jpg[/img]


                        I used to have to go to 4x4 on my F350 CC to get my 1952 out, got new tires and now with the 2270 and nearly twice the weight I haven't had to use 4x4 yet at 4 different ramps.

                        If your ramp has "winch boxes" you could put one on the front as a backup plan. Make sure you have enough cable to reach the box and enough wire on the control to take it into the cab with you. The weight in the back will help, also you could look into shifting the axles back or the winch tower forward on the trailer to give you more tonque weight and therefore better grip.


                          A spin is the same thing as a skid according to the engineers who thought my driving course.....if you get into a situation where you are on some slime and not getting traction....try hitting the emergency brake and then gently accelerating out of the slick spot gently.....the Toyota traction selection basically does this same thing...little more high tech, but the emergency brake does work....give her about half to 3/4 braking and give it enough fuel to move the wheels.