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Weight of my 2004 bayliner 210 cu-gctid373823

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    Weight of my 2004 bayliner 210 cu-gctid373823

    I was wondering if anyone had an idea what my 2004 bayliner 210 weighs including trailer? I checked NADA and it lists 3090, does this include trailer weight? I have a 2005 trailblazer v6 which is rated at 5000 lbs. it has the factory installed hitch and trailer light recepticale, unfortunately the sticker on the hitch is riped off where it gives the hitch specs. I am just wondering if i will need to add any equip to the vehicle to tow this boat. The boat will be in a slip for the season but i may move it home first, or decide to trailer it once or twice during the year. Any advice and suggestions are welcome.



    i dont believe nada includes trailer weight...

    dont forget to add the weight of fuel and other misc goodies, plus any extra weight in / on the truck.....

    also, the ford explorer sprot trac 2x4 we use is rated at about 5500lbs....but the stock hitch i rated about only 3300lbs..... something else to check out.....

    more importantly.....what kind of conditions do you trailer in chs, we only do about 10 miles each way...and it is pretty flat here in the low county...heck, i saw an old ESCORT trailering a boat just fine here (insane if u ask me)....

    oh, and most importantly....WELCOME ABOARD!!!



      Without knowing the specific of the GVWR and the specifics of your boat, only knowing generalities of towing, I would say that boat will be a heavy load for the Blazer, but doable. Use your gears, and make sure your trailer brakes (yes, they are a MUST) are in good working order. The performance also makes a difference with the Blazer tire size, gear ratio and the terrain your towing (moutnains, etc...). That boat is not a terribly heavy boat, and the trailer should not be too heavy duty, so you shoudl be ok.

      Others may have more specificis on specs.


        I am suprised how difficult it is to find info on the boat and vehicle online, I figure that I will call a chevy dealer as well as a bayliner dealer (bought boat from a non bayliner dealer) to get info regarding weight. The boat is still at the dealer, and wont be ready for a couple weeks. Might not have to deal with towing it anywhere as we are keeping in a slip at the dealer this year. The lake is low now and the boat may be ready before the docks are so I thought about bring it home to set it up and what not. the lake is less then 10 miles from home but its uphill. Thought about possibly trailering to a diff lake this year to camp on islands, but dont want to be unsafe or damage the vehicle or boat. Not sure if I want to dump $$ into upgrading a tran. cooler etc. as the trailbalzer might be replaced with new vehicle in the next year or two.

        Thanks for the thoughts though