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  • Boat sanding and grinding-gctid373362

    Good day all;not sure if I have a major problem.

    The boat beside me had some moron sand and grind the bottom without any protective barriers.This resulted in 4 boats having to be cleaned by the grinder.My boat was still shrink wrapped but there is still a fine powder on it and around the vents it is black.I cant decide whether I should just wash and wax as usual or call my insurance co and loose 3 to 4 weeks.

    Some at the marina say its a big deal others say its not;I trust everyone here more ;please advise!!

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    Ask your neighbor that same question and then hand him a bucket and sponge to help ya.
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      If you had not already washed and waxed the boat I would not think it was a big deal. I cant think of anything in the powder that would hurt your hull and as you say most of the boat was covered with shrink wrap. Had you just washed and waxed it and your canvas was up and exposed that might be a different story.


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        If the bottom paint on your neighbour's boat was removed mechanically, you have some scrubbing ahead of you but no real problem. If it was removed by soda blasting, you need to neutralize the debris as you wash; warm water, soap and a few glugs of vinegar in the bucket.


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          Was the boats bottom paint black? If not just wash your boat and be done with it. If the other boats bottom paint is black, just wash your boat and be done with it. The dust you described is a problem if you breath/eat it, when you wet it it will not become airborne and therefor not a breathing issue.