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Port window replacement for Bayliner 2355 Ciera 1996-gctid372786

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    Port window replacement for Bayliner 2355 Ciera 1996-gctid372786


    My first thread here. Hope you guys are willing to help me out on this one. I am restoring a 2355 Ciera and my next step is the portlight windows.

    I found a pair for VERY cheap from FP Marine.

    These measure 16-1/8" x 7-3/8" and the originals measure approx 14" x 6". This means that the hull must be cutted a bit.

    Would be interesting to see how a boat lookes like when you replace the port windows with bigger ones. I know "Whistler" from this forum has made this kind of modification on his boat. Maybe someone has pictures of this kind of project and what it lookes like when it┬┤s finished?

    Thank you in advance!

    I have replaced both the bow hatch and the rear cave porthole on my 2355. Not wanting to alter the hull I went with matching sizes. has pretty much everything. The 14 x 6 is

    These are much more expensive than the one you are looking at. I figure you get what you pay for. Installation on my two replacements has been pretty easy. Even the screw holes matched right up. I am actually looking at replacing these two smaller portlights as one of my next projects.

    Here is a pic of the bow hatch. I don't have any photos on hand of the rear cave.


      After posting the above info I got to thinking that my 2355 portlights are no where near 14x6. Measured when I got home. They are 10 3/8 x 3 1/2.

      This is the item I will likely be getting to replace them.