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    Boating to Olympia-gctid372729

    Hi. I'm fairly new to boating in Puget Sound and was planning a trip from Dagmar's Marina in Everett to Olympia. Any suggestions for the route or marinas? I've been to Gig Harbor but no further south. Thanks in advance for the tips

    Fred, pick a nice day and enjoy the ride. Take your pick for a route, they all have something to offer. We like to make sure we cruise with the tides especially thru the Narrows. Any moorage anywhere in the South Sound for the most part is first come first served and so be prepared to put down your anchor. (when the weather is nice particularly) Most I would say don't have any power. Even Olympia I believe has taken their power away from the docks. Best fuel price is DesMoines. We're doing Gig Harbor this weekend...



      Its a great weekend trip. Lots to see.

      Be aware the are alot of no wake zones close to shore and they can sneak up on you and people vet really mad. Don't ask me how I know.

      There are also some areas of shallow water so pay attention to the charts and depth finder especially if you head up toward nisqually flats. You can only enter there on high tide and you better be out of there before the tide goes out. Once again don't ask me how I know.
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        yachtman wrote:

        ...There are also some areas of shallow water so pay attention to the charts and depth finder especially if you head up toward nisqually flats. You can only enter there on high tide and you better be out of there before the tide goes out. Once again don't ask me how I know.
        That's funny but true. Watch out for the passage on the north side of McNeil Is too. Goeducks abound and it's pretty thru there but watch the rocks and shallows. But again, you probably shouldn't ask...


          Des Moines isn't always the cheapest fuel. If you are buying a significant amount call around.

          Use not necessarily for the prices but for the phone numbers. Be nice and chat with the dock attendant and you might get a discount for being a tennant or member of some club.

          We stayed at Eagle Island last weekend and it was very nice and very deserted. Always a favorite stop.

          Swantown in Olympia does take reservations if you aren't interested in fist come first served. They also have power.


            Its a trip I've taken many times.

            As you're going through the narrows, if you're against the current, there are eddies very close to shore which help...a lot. I tend to stick to the gig harbor side.

            I usually go around the south side of Fox island and McNeil, then up between McNeil and Anderson, through Balch passage. There are a few mooring bouys around Eagle Island, which is close to the anderson island shore, about 2/3 the way up the island. Great spot. If you're on the hook, set it well because there's a decent current through there. Gorgeous sunrise over the mountain. Watch the rocks and shoal north of Eagle....its marked on the charts...but watch. You can also continue north up into Filucy Bay and stay at longbranch, where there is power if you want.

            I then head around the north end of Anderson through Drayton passage, around the south side of Devils head and then west into Dana Passage. As you head southwest, you'll pass boston harbor, where there is EXPENSIVE fuel. You then head south into Budd Inlet.

            As you go down into Budd, watch the markers, as they push you way over to the right, and is a no wake zone. As you approach the city, the inlet to the left will take you to Swan Town, where there is guest moorage and power, at least last time I was there. Its a bit of a hike to town, but not bad. A couple restaurants nearby.

            We prefer taking the right inlet which is to Percival Landing. We tend to go all the way south and moore at the public docks there, right across from the Olympia Yacht Club. No power, but great spot. You're right in town, where there are plenty of places to walk to, eat etc. Capital is a short walk and there is a hiking path around back of the supreme court building that brings you out back down near the landing. Lots of good places for breakfast; we like the spar on 4th ave, a couple blocks up from Percival.

            Best fuel prices are at Des Moines as someone said. Second best are at breakwater Marina, which is just adjacent to the Point Defiance Boat Launch and the Tacoma Yacht Club. Far as I know, there is nothing in olympia, once you're past Boston harbor.

            Now you've got me going, and maybe we'll head south this weekend. Its about 4 hours for us, from the Foss Waterway, but a really great trip.

            Couple other places to stay on the trip down; You can head north up the east side of Fox island and stay at bouys at Cutts Island Park. You can also stop west of fox island, at Penrose state park, where there are bouys, great anchoring and limited dock space, with no power. That's right across from Lakebay marina, which I think Does have power. Those might be kind of out of the way though.

            If you decide to go around the south side of Anderson, instead of cutting up between mcneil and anderson, there is Oro Bay, which has great anchoring and dock space for reciprocals.

            If you really want some adventure, take the slough over to Shelton. Beautiful trip. I recall there was fuel at Shelton, but you might call first...been a long time.

            Lots of cool stuff in south sound.


              Check out it's published biweekly I believe and will help you find the cheap fuel.


                Surprised it wasn't mentioned, but a stop in Tacoma is always fun. I think either Foss or Dock Street marina's will take reservations. We stayed at Dock Street last 4th of July and it was great. They have showers, laundry, etc. The glass museum is a really nice stop. A hike up the stairs, but then a number of places to eat.

                We are thinking of heading South this summer to see the other end of the Sound, will be interesting.


                  If you are in Tacoma this weekend you can watch the boats turned into floats and all of us club officers in our dress white standing side by side on each clubs flag ship for the parade. Just due not try to get into the Tacoma yacht club docks since the whole marina will be full of flag ships and floats from visiting clubs. Found out there will be 6-8 boats from our club anchored out to watch us all go by. This will be the last one I have to be in my dress whites for and next year I can be in the crowd again