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    Columbia River Anchors-gctid372156

    Hello all, first let me say thanks for this wonderful forum. It's refreshing to stumble across a place where Bayliner owners can ask questions, disseminate information, and swap stories without having to wade through a mountain of "Well your problem is that you bought a Bayliner"-type replies. I have been soaking up information like a sponge for the last couple of weeks. Just awesome.

    I'm new to boating (bought my '90 2651 last year), but I'm learning. I spent about 60 days last season boating the Columbia River between the Hanford Reach and Wallula Gap and learned a lot about boat handling. One thing still scares the hell out of me though: anchoring in the Columbia. Last season I tried three different anchor styles and two different configurations, but I never successfully retrieved an anchor. I was most confident when I deployed the Columbia River anchor rig (uses a marker buoy and locking slide to pull the anchor up), but even that one hung so hard on the bottom I was worried that I was going to pull the pulpit out of the bow (not to mention that all of the chain, rigging, buoy, and massively heavy rocking chair anchor made for a mess up on the bow). To make matters worse, I have emphysema and asthma, so anchoring without a crewmember is pretty much out of the question for me. My plan this year is to install an electric, remote controlled anchor windlass, but after leaving at least $400 worth of gear on the bottom last season, I want to get the right type of anchor. So I guess I said all of that to ask this: what type of anchor do you recommend for the Columbia?


    Hi there, and Welcome!

    Lotsa smart people here to help you. And they will.

    My only suggestion is have you asked your local marinas & boaters what they're using?

    Anyway, someone will have more concise info for you.

    Best of luck,,,,,and Welcome

    Enjoy the site,,,

    Capt Sarah :smilet-digitalpoint


      With that anchor, you won't lose bottom, that's for sure.

      However, this is a difficult anchor to rig up for a windlass and pulpit, and a difficult anchor to handle once on board without.

      Take a look here at an array of C/R anchors and anchor brackets.

      Most are retrieved by hand or with the float system.

      If you do install a Windlass and pulpit, I'd sure recommend that you set it up for alternate anchors should you decide that the C/R is not for you.

      Once you mount the Windlass, she's there for a while.

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        I boat in the "lower" Columbia river, and have used both a Bruce type and a fluke anchor. Both have done the job for me. I do believe the river bottom may not be the same here, sand and mud, as it is up where you are. Local knowledge is your best bet. Not the marine store, but other who boat there in similar sized boats.

        The windless is a good idea for you with you breathing problems either way. Boating is supposed to be fun, not work. Good luck, enjoy your boat and welcome to BOC.


          I used an anchor that was lifted off the bottom by driving your boat up stream of the anchor. The float slid down the line and pulled the anchor. When the float reached the rode you just pulled the line and stuffed into the bucket It had a orange float with a one way slide like one of the pictures Rick posted but the anchor had a zip-tie that would break to allow it to be pulled out of the bottom from the upstream side. I found the whole system at Fishers Marine as a package, 5 gal. bucket, 200' line, 6' rode, float w/one way slide and orange float, about $160.00.

          Anchor Retrieval System For Fishing - YouTube


            GoldFalcon wrote:
            what type of anchor do you recommend for the Columbia?
            I boat the Columbia below Bonneville Dam. It's a sandy bottom. People I know with big boats like yours use Danforth anchors, little boat like mine can get away with mushroom anchors. Either one will get pretty stuck after two nights.

            I dont know how the bottom is above Bonneville Dam.
            Rafael Figueira
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