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Chartplotter/fishfinder or a refrigerator?-gctid371477

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    Novacool makes a drop in replacement for your fridge, at about 1/2 the power consumption.

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  • Chartplotter/fishfinder or a refrigerator?-gctid371477

    The past few years I've been postponing a chartplotter because of practical expences. This is suposed to be the year for the the chartplotter.

    Getting things ready for the season I noticed the breaker for the frig had poped. I reset it a few times only to have it pop again.

    I really haven't spent any time checking it out but 14 yrs old it'sprobably toast. I may use a ice chest this season and give the batteries a vacation.

    I know it has been discussed a few times but I couldn't find the Norcold model that replaces my DE-351D . I came up with a DE051 from the web but I'm not sure it will fit and it has the Danfloss? compressor. Is the DE051 the right one? Any other recomendations I should look at besides the igloo ice chest.