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    It would figure....-gctid371382

    Well, got the ole AQ125A penta motor commissioned for the spring. New plugs, points, condenser, cap & rotor. Points set @ 0.016, dwell set to 62┬░, timing re-adjusted to 10┬░ BTDC @ idle TA 36┬░@ 4200 rpm, plugs gapped at 0.028. The old beast runs like a top. There is a break in the weather today, rain was holding out and the fog lifted enough to give 3 miles visibility. MINT, time to splash this beast...but wait a minute, why is there coolant in the bilge now. Hmm ok start looking around, no broken pipes or cover plates, nothing dripping. Well, i guess i'll fire this thing up and check if i can see where it may be coming from. Start it up, stick my head in the engine bay (carefully of course), and there it is, a nice stream of coolant coming from the water tank. Ok pull the cover, empty the coolant, pull the tank, make a gasket, inspect cover - check, inspect the tank...ahhh f&^&K. Pinhole in the bottom of the would figure, just when shes all ready for the water, this happens. So being a mechanic, i head to the shop and grab some good ole JB Weld, grind out a nice groove where its leaking and apply the jb weld. Letting it cure for 24 hours inside the house and install tomorrow and see if it will hold till i can get a replacement.

    Morale of the story...when you think you are ready to hit the water triple check everything before you launch. This could have ended up real bad if i launched today.

    You can replace the tank with a used one, or consider upgrading to the seakamp replacement cooling system.

    As soon as my system lets go or the water pump craps out(the old style are VP boat specific and $$$) I'm going to dump mine and upgrade like I did the other boat.