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  • Help identifying boat please...-gctid370961

    I recently purchased this boat in Mount Vernon Washington for fishing and crabbing and I can not find anything about this boat. It does have Bayliner written on the side but there is no ID plate anywhere and there is no number on the boat that would help with identifying it either. The only number on the boat anywhere is 608044 which I know does not have the right amount to be the Hull Identification Number. The title that I got says that it is a 1967 but I can not find anything about 1967 Bayliners that look like mine.Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would like to see how the boat looked when new and how it was set up. It does have a 1964 Evinrude Sportfour 60hp motor and I am having trouble with the steering set up as well.Thank you in advance as I am on deployment with the Navy and looking forward to getting home in time for crabbing season to start.





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    Prior to 1972 ish, there was no HIN requirement, so the number you found could be the "serial number".


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      Can't help with ID other than it obviously is a 60ish boat. But on your pix, I did notice what appeared to be some rust running down the outside of the transom probably from the bolts thru the transom mounting the motor. The rust may be indicative of a wet/rotted transom so be sure to check that out. Don't want a good old anchor clanker getting wet!