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    I know ,i know that i own a tippy vickys,zombies and gremlins attractor but i have it

    im trying to remodel this boat and i already have help for another topic.

    i have the original (i think) 1.7 cu/ft 12/120V fridge witch is working trying to avoid a coolers with ice that`s why i thought about secondary fridge for the shore power so i thought about bar anyone using this kind of fridge ?pros and cons ?

    when im ready to put her back on the water i will be living on her over the weekends.

    i was thinking about 1.7 cu/ft bar fridge connected to shore power.

    what do You think ?

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    Hello Andrew,

    A number of opinions on this subject here:


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      I stalled a bar fridge on an older boat I had and ran it off of shore power and hooked up an inverter to run it while underway.

      I have found that an electric cooler works just as well and no need to rig up a 110 outlet or an inverter.

      I installed a 12 volt plug and keep the cooler under my rear seat.


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        Thank You.

        That`s a good idea


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          i will tell You wahat do i have now.

          i have a ac/dc fridge with the compressor (working good ) small and i have another fridge ac/dc without compressor (i don`t know how to call them ) i think that is ammonia cooled.after reading all the posts im not sure if i want to install the second fridge (without compressor).that`s why i thought when im on the shore power i can use 120v fridge and while underway i can use the other fridge (with compressor ).So after 5 days working i can go on the boat (on the slip ) and have fridge running (120V).that was my idea


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            after few days of reading im not going to install the bar fridge.

            i mentioned that i have another fridge 1.7 cu/ft without compressor.finally i found what is it .it is a ac/dc absorption refrigerator using ammonia to cool.i tested the fridge and is giving me 0 C after few hours of it good idea to install this fridge as second one ?

            the funny thing is that the more you shake the fridge the better it cools


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              i think that Your silence is my answer

              thank You


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                Andrew, you've got to check out this thread! This guy did an amazing job with the fridge he built. He built it such that any type of compressor/condenser combination can be installed, even a peltier if one is available. Hope this helps.

                Best of luck with your project!