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    Portable Smart Charger-gctid369057

    I did some searching and didn't find anything useful on portables, so here goes....

    Last year I bought a Stanley Portable Smart Charger. 25 amp, 3 stage, quick charge feature, recondition feature. (no wet cell, AGM feature)

    I've used it twice. 1st time was last Spring to top off my Bayliner's battery before sale. I had NEVER charged it before. I abused the heck out of. Never failed to start the boat. Always held a charge. 4 years old. I did NOT check it's voltage before charging. I figured the smart charger would apply what's needed.

    Friggin thing was a monster paperweight. Sonofa..... It had nothing. I'd have to put a meter on it, though.

    I sold the Bayliner with a battery from my Cobalt.

    A few months ago I tried to start my Bronco after sitting for 15 months. Dead. Tried charging it. I got a crank or 2, but nothing useful. Used the "Quick Start" feature. Same result. Battery age unknown.

    Can these things damage batteries so easily, and is there a way to check them?

    Not sure if I'm getting the 3 stage feature, or if something else is happening. Yes, both batteries could just be bad. Expensive experiment, though.

    I am replacing both Cobalt batteries (other won't hold a charge after 2 years, but it was a crappy Autozone auto battery) and I really don't want to ruin the investment. Onboard charger is a straight 15 amp, to be replaced next year, so I'm careful when using that.

    I would like to use the Smart Charger when I can, but fear using the dang thing.

    Thanks, Ted

    I bought a good one at Sam's club $50 a while back. Victor 25 is the lable on mine but I've since seen them with several names on them. 3 battery types. battery voltage at a touch of the button that agrees with my DVM. several other features. It's been running continuously for years. It's not marine rated but I leave it home while on the water. My friend also got one a little later and he is happy with it.

    I'm sure there are better marine units units but this one fits my needs. The cooling fan got noisy after the first year and I replaced it with a computer fan. It's been quiet ever since