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    Lowrance structure scan-gctid367718

    This weekend I am going to be installing the new hds 7 gen 2 and hd structure scan. I am a little curious as to where others have mounted their trandsducers. I know I need to keep the side clear of any obstructions. If anybody else has installed this on a single screw advise please. As always thanks in advance!!

    You'll want to mount it on one of your hull steps, probably about the second one up. It needs to be mounted so that it's parallel to the water surface, and always in the water, when under way. Follow the advice in the manual, it's usually pretty good. It's best to mount a piece of sacrificial plastic (for lack of the proper term) to your transom with a couple of fasteners (bedded in a water proof compound), and then mount your transducer and speed indicator to that. This way if you have to move anything you'll not be putting additional holes in your hull.
    Bob Hawes.
    Kelowna, B.C.
    1998 Trophy 2052 WA
    4.3 Vortec, A1 G2