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cleaning your mud ridden boat to look like new-gctid364023

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    cleaning your mud ridden boat to look like new-gctid364023

    first off let me preface this by saying many pacnorwesters ...dry store my boat on land at our marina...we don't have individual docks per se but hard the winter the boat takes a beating with weather and road grim from the local a full up wet winter our boats look I went to do my usual checks and drains....we actually had some sunshine yesterday so decided to try and rearrange the muck some on the the winter we tried a couple of boxes of oxyclean cloths detergent at home which promptly ate right thru a bunch of our more delicate things....tee shirts....undies...etc....well...we stopped using it and I took what was left to the boat thinking it might work ok but at least I'll use it up.....

    sunday got there and took the bucket and hose up to the foredeck which looked like something set up camp and pooped all over the deck..the anchor locker was grungy as hell.....thought something took up residence in there mold spots all over the fore ugly looking crap growing down the sides of the my mixture of oxyclean and water....brush...hose to the foredeck and went to town......

    omg man....looks brand new now.....the oxyclean cut thru the muck that built up in corners of the windscreen and in places where water wouldn't drain well.....around the hatches .....killed the green mold down the sides....swim step looks like new....really does a great job and cleaning a boat......

    didn't require alot of work either...just brushing and letting sit for a few min the hosing off ....or brushing some more......

    give it a's certainly not as expensive as some of the other cleaners you pay large amounts of money to make your boat look good....

    :arr arr

    Thanks for the tip!

    My boat needs some serious help, I'll try it


      I pass by there all the time and I would never store my boat there.

      There is no real protection from the wind and I can't count how many times I've seen the shrink wrap ripped open flapping in the wind and rain pouring into a boat.

      With my current boat I'm actually breaking my own rule "don't buy anything you can't store inside"......because all it will do is get windblown rained in frozen snowed on and grow mold and moss. Sorry for the rant but as a lifelong WA resident it gets old. I keep waiting for someone to offer lot sized trueman show bubbles they would fix alot of problems lol


        Move somewhere w/ less mud and more sunshine. That would make me (more) nuts...

        Your location probably shines when it comes to mud wrestling though.