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  • 2260 Dog House-gctid364004

    My head hurts. Pursuing various options for repowering an '84 2260 (w/ 290A), I now find that the engine cover itself may be too narrow for a v6 or v8 upgrade/update; even though the deck cutout appears to have plenty of room. The large "flange" around the base reduces the cover to only 27 inches on the inside. Does anyone know of another Bayliner engine cover that would fit the deck recesses/drains in the 2260 that would provide additional width needed for the "v" configuration? Thanks

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    I believe that the 2260 is a Semi-Displacement hull.

    You may want to see if you can find someone who has installed more power, and see what their results were.

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      True, if it has a big keel molded into the bottom it's probably a semi-displacement hull like mine. It would be touchy with a V-6, above 20 knots and these get a bit unstable as they aren't meant to be up on step. Not overly scary, but reminds me of those sno-saucers as a kid lol.

      If set on the V-6 you might have to have another doghouse fashioned out of aluminum or something...maybe checker plate sides and a cushioned top over glassed plywood....


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        Thanks for the input guys. I'm not really looking to hot rod the boat but thought it might be nice to have a little extra oomph climbing the back side of an offshore wave. I think I'll get serious about building it as they were originally intended and stick w/ reliable a four banger. Rick, you nailed the model with the file photo (I use that ad as my aspiration for the finished product); and Ryan, it does have the skeg- and squirrelly I do not need.


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          Here you go.

          You get a spare complete newer SP drive setup, a motor you can put together with a new head, a boat to get rid of and a trailer to sell. If that is the matching motor for that drive in the ad, it should be the large dia cast crank and rods, a better version of the 131 imo.

          Again, your AQ171 cams, block, crank, distributor, any usable parts are all worth $$$$. Would probably cover buying that parts boat. Ebay the marine specific parts individually and then sell the big parts to a local turbobricks guy.

          Good choice staying 4-cyl, I was curious as to how the V-6 would turn out, but have read some other threads about people having to raise their thru hulls for the deck drains(guys boat was taking on water at the launch after the swap), and some other problems only to have it get squirrely when the engine got "on pipe". I have the 2.1L AQ120B, it's bulletproof having the large forged crank and rods, but a little light on cubes. I'll be tossing in a mildly modded AQ131 that has some bigger SS valves and a K-cam probably for the next season.