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  • Boat covers on the internet-gctid363804

    I am looking for a new 1 piece boat cover. My current 2 piece system just lets in more water then I would like.

    Was wondering if anyone has used any of the on-line services that provide "custom covers" ... iboats, or

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    They are all good, just be sure you know your sizes.


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      I got mine from iboats and have been very happy with it.


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        I've always had good luck with the covers from Overtons that I bought for the 1975 Reinell. Just buy by boat type, overall length, and beam. The last one I bought was the most expensive material (Sunbrella, I think), and it has lasted well for many years - 10 or more. The boat is stored inside most of the time, but the cover saw plenty of sun and snow. I installed fiberglass top bows to hold it up so it will shed water. It held up well as a travel cover, although I've kind of given up on that - too much potential for wear and tear on the boat and cover when going down the road at 70.
        Ron Everson
        1989 Bayliner 2755 Cierra Sunbridge w/460 OMC King Cobra


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          I bought one from Rontimco in 2002, it was the lowest price I could find for the quality I wanted. The customer service was great.


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            Just an update.. I did order a new custom cover from Am very pleased with the product. Delivery time was less then a week, fit is as very good, all the double layers to prevent wear are in just the right spot.

            Will post a photo once I get the boat out of the garage and on the lift. Hopefully tomorrow if it does not rain.


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              Westland makes all the covers that are resold through different companies. You can buy them made of three different fabrics. The best is Sunbrella.

              Protect your boat, pwc, motor, and more with a custom boat cover from Westland. Featuring our custom Exact Fit covers, and semi-custom Select Fit covers, you will be sure to find a boat cover that fits your boat perfectly.


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                Monterey10 wrote:
                Westland makes all the covers that are resold through different companies. [/URL]
                OK, not trying to start an argument..but I don't think this is 100% fact. First, Westland did not list my boat on their site. Secondly, the material used is not listed on Westlands site and finally when I called I had them make a couple of changes to the design for me. Now, maybe they called Westland after I spoke with them and had the changes made.. but it is hard to believe that they could do this, have Westland make the cover, ship it to in Minnesota, then have it shipped to me... all in a Thursday to Thursday time-frame... with Good Friday and Easter in between. Not doubting that Westland makes many of the covers sold by other companies... just the "all the covers" part....