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  • Opportunity for a Bigger Boat-gctid361722

    Well I have the opportunity to go up one size in the Bayliners. I thought about a twin engine boat for a while, but with the way gas is going I'm not really sure I want that and it also does have to be trailerable. The questions...Does it seem reasonable to ask $10k for my 1993 2655? It has a trailer thats in good shape, a fresh tune up on everything, brand new complete camper top and mooring cover, and the boating gear with it. No AC, and its probably in the 400 or so hour range w/ the 5.0 LX/Alpha One gen 2. Overall the boat is very clean with just a few slight imperfections.

    The boat I'm considering is a 1995 2855 w/ AC and 454/Bravo 3 for around $16k. I got some extra money together from selling a bunch of stuff I had laying around and this is now an option. Just looking for some thoughts on it, especially what I'm considering asking. Thanks!

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    10K sounds reasonable to me for the 2655 and I had a 96, 2855 which I really enjoyed. Good luck.


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      There is nothing reasonable about boat prices. Sell for what you can. Buy for what you can. It is somewhat of an emotional process. Almost everybody likes a larger boat. Go for it if you can make it work!


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        You only live once, go for the twin engine!! I tow mine.
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          itsabowtime2 wrote:
          You only live once, go for the twin engine!! I tow mine.
          you make me want to do things i probably shouldn't....but then again its always that logic that gets me everywhere

          thanks for the thoughts guys


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            I would look at buying it if you were closer or if you wanted to tow it all the way to Nova Scotia. Seriously, the price does sound very good based on your description. You shouldn't have any problem selling it. good luck.