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where can I get information about my bayliner 2855 1997, please help !-gctid361013

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    where can I get information about my bayliner 2855 1997, please help !-gctid361013

    I hope there is someone that can help me out with this,

    I have a Bayliner 2855 ciera 1997, I bought this boat in 1999 new from a Bayliner dealer in the Netherlands.

    what I need is a document that I can proof that the bayliner before may 1998 is shiped to the Netherlands. my Bayliner dealer can not help me with this any more because its to long ago. he has no files anymore. I know this boat was there in the Netherlands in 1997 but I have to proof it on paper.

    is there anyone that can help me with this or what way I have to go to get this paper from Bayliner

    if not I can not sell the boat because after may 1998 I need CE papers ( the boat is to old for CE testing )


    I would try and click on customer care. Leave a detailed message and they might be able to help you out.
    John Rupp
    1989 2455 Ciera Sunbridge
    5.8 OMC Cobra

    1989 3288
    Hino 135


      Do you register your boats in your country like we do in every state in the US? If so, when was it first registered


        You may be able to tell the boats manufacturing age by looking at the engine. The '97 Boats has Mercruiser engines with "pre Vortec " Heads. In '98 and later boats, they all had the Vortec heads usually proudly deliniated on the carburator cover somewhere. The Vortec heads provided more torque 7 HP (as they did in the '96 & newer GM Suburbans & pickup trucks.

        We have a '97 2355 & upgraded our engine to the Vortec heads so am familiar with the change over.



          Thanks for all the intrests

          yes we are register all the boats in the Netherlands to get a reg number, but the problem is that this new 1997 boat has sold in 1999 by the dealer for the first time. after that they register it for a reg number. I have to proof that this boat was a leftover..........and not imported after may 1998.

          the dutch Bayliner dealer will not help me because he has no papers anymore ! he tells me ! I bought this bayliner somewhere else so he mad I think.

          this is a original 220v Bayliner for the european market and sold new by this dealer.

          the only one that knows that the boat was there in the Netherlands is the bayliner factory I think by shipping papers. I called the customs and shipping company but they don't have any doc after 7 years.

          so I have a big problem and I hope someone can help me out.

          I sent this question to Bayliner costomer service, but no answer yet.

          Thanks for all your input