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manifold for 1994 mercruiser 5.0-gctid359608

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  • manifold for 1994 mercruiser 5.0-gctid359608

    i have a 1994 cierra 2655. i'm down in la paz mexico and good mechanics are hard to come by. one exhaust manifold was cracked. mechanic said he could weld it. another mechanic went to install and said welding was no good and needed new manifold. he found one but i'm worried if it included riser, new gasket, bolts.

    found one on amazon for $135 that includes everything. wonder if i'm better off getting 2 new ones and replaceing both. a link or model number would help. i have to import them and no way to return if i get it wrong. risers are at least 6 yrs old and i'm sitting in salt water.

    also, having my starter rebuilt as is turns over heavy and slow. mechanic say's thats normal. i have 3 batterys with over 2000 cca's.

    lastly, throttle linkage is very tight and hard to move without hitting with palm. had it worked on 2 times and no change

    any info or ideas, links appreciated on these 3 items

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    Throttle cable: Disconnect both ends, 1 at a time and push pull by hand to test the helm then both ends free then the carb free, this will determin which end or the cable is at fault, normally it is the cable.

    There should be numbers on the manifold for cross reference to other brands.

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