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Need help fishing for pink salmon in Bellingham Bay, WA

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  • Need help fishing for pink salmon in Bellingham Bay, WA

    Hello All - We have a 2359 Hardtop for 90'. We Have a slip at Port of Bellingham in Bellingham, WA w/plans to fish Bellingham bay. We won't have our downriggers in till next year but plan to crab in Bellingham bay next weekend. We have a spot there where we were successful. Where might we go not far from Bellingham Bay to catch some pink salmon. Thank you in advance, Dan

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    Haven't been out this month (broken boat 😒) but have caught Humpies at Eagle Bluff off Cypress Island. you could also join the masses on the west side of Lummi Island, might catch a king or coho too.
    Bellingham, WA

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      First, double check the rules and emergency rule changes on the WDFW website. Gear: I use a 7’ soft rod and an old school approach. I use a metal flasher that’s white on one side and green on the other and trail a pink squid with very sharp hooks, 30” of leader and a strip of rock salt cured herring. An 8 oz slip weight and 20 or. 25 pulls from the reel to the first eyelet gets the gear down around where it will drop at the lure down to where it will do some go Pole action is next, adjust the speed so that the top foot or sole is giving a soft deep rhythm. When there’s a strike the engine goes to idle until the fish is within 10 or so feet behind the boat it goes to neutral. It’s important to keep the rod tip high so the rod acts as a shock absorber.

      Curing the herring: I cut fillets and put them put them in any type container I can find.lmk and cover the herring with rock salt, put it the refrigerator at least overnight, then in the freezer.

      Good catching to you!
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        Dang Pete, you givin away all ya secrets 😳
        Honestly I don’t try that hard🤣