Getting my 1996 2855 ready to sell. Just bought a 97" 2858. One of my projects is to recover the entire bench seat. I bought the skins from Canvas Plus in Arlingtion, Washington. As I was attempting to put them on I discovered a seam at a curve had a hump and was not going to flatten out. I took the whole thing over to a local person to correct the seam and go ahead and put the skins on. One design flaw on the 96 and earlier 2855s was when you wanted to step up to go thru the walkthru window onto the bow, your first step was on the seat cushion and step two was on the moulded step. The next year 97" Bayliner corrected this and put a hard step when the cushion used to be. I discovered when I pulled my bench seat out that a large section non skid fibergrass was designed in the area in front of the step. They must have had some other seat design options in mind but choose to cover the whole area with the seat. My point here is is you have a 96 or older and are recovering your bench seat, this would be a good time to trim the seat back for a foot step and then get your skins made.