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    Shelf Guards-gctid476035

    Shelf Guards for lack of the correct name. basically a retaining rail so stuff don't fall off the shelf.Not much of a project but definitely necessary.Sometimes I think Mainships were built with absolutely no thought given that they might actually be used on the water.Most shelves and ledges have a 1" high lip. Now anything on your shelf over 1" high will take a nose dive with theslightest bit of rocking, whether from a waves or wakes.I just cut some strips of red oak 1/2" thick X 1 1/2" tall X whatever length I needed for the V-Berth and did the same with Teak in the forward head.I try to keep the wood the same as what is already there. I went to Home depot and bought some strips of 1" wide X 1/8" thick aluminum strips.I bent them into an "L" shaped bracket and cut to desired height (height). Then drilled the mounting holes - 2 into the shelf and 1 into the retaining strip or shelf guard. I used cap nuts on the screws coming through the wood strip so that no one will cut their fingers on a sharp edge. These are not the sturdiest retaining guards known to mankind but more than sufficient to do the intended job of preventing things from falling off the shelf.I made my own "L" Brackets because the 'store bought' ones had the holes in the wrong places and didn't look as good either - at least , to me.





    Nicely done, and looks to be very effective.


      Great idea.

      We have the same problem in the v-birth and head.

      Nice work on the look.


        Your eye is lead to the finish on the wood strip and the dull finish on the aluminum makes it almost invisible.


          Well done!


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            Thanks for the compliments.

            I was reminded that the correct name for these shelf guards is "Fiddle Rails".

            That is as common a name to me as my own name.

            My brain just seized up when I was writing this post. 'Word Recall' has been a recent problem with me. Gettin' scary.