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242 Extra fresh and black water capacity

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    242 Extra fresh and black water capacity

    So after some family trips this summer my biggest constraint with being at a dock is holding tank capacity. My boat came with a basic port-a potty style head but the original owners put in a Sealand toilet with the 36L (uses 1 litre per flush plus anything you add ) holding tank basically right below the head. This makes the toilet awkward to use cause it’s so high but it is manageable. Now with 2 little kids and a wife on board I have about 48hrs before it is full. This is not good if I’m at a dock for 3-4 nights and no pump outs. And when both kids are potty trained but under 6 just telling everyone to use the marina facilities is not always an option.

    So I’m adding another 64L tank. This will go port side just back from the hot water tank and shouldn’t restrict my
    room beside the engine (18x18x12 inch tank). Yes more is always better but space, costs, etc all play into this. It’s complicated as I have to add a second macerator. Currently I can use my deck pump out or macerator. Now I’ll add another y-valve and then can go into my second tank. I’ll add a drawing of what I’m thinking.

    Also while I’m jammed down there I’m going to add a second fresh water tank. Another 40L to go with the roughly 80L factory. This will go under the deck port side of the fish hold. Because I have a cabin heater right there currently I only did a 40L tank and will have to build up a platform to mount the heater assembly on top of the tank. Then y the fill and vent hoses and tee in the pump supply between the tanks.

    Anyone have tips or tricks after going through something similar ? I’ve dry fitted the tanks after selecting the locations and sizes of fittings needed Im going to get the fittings installed this week.
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    Nanaimo, BC

    2005 242
    5.7/Bravo II