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Cleaned and painted part of my Zodiac Hypalon Tender

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    Cleaned and painted part of my Zodiac Hypalon Tender

    When I took the Sunbrella canvas off the tender a couple weeks ago the canvas had a lot of mildew on the underside which got into the hypalon material on the tender.
    The first photo is the red discoloration on the tender from the bacteria/mold/mildew.
    After being left in the sun and air for a few days the color started to fade but it still looked terrible.
    I decided to paint the effected grey areas. I first cleaned the whole tender with clorox spray with Tilex included in the mix. I used a Magic Eraser at the same time to scrub out any marks etc. After a thorough rinsing and drying I masked the areas with Frog Tape and painted it with Inflatable Boat Top Coating.

    I have heard from others that it looks good for a year then back to bad. I am hoping it will last though. It looks like new right now.

    Jerome Robbins
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    It looks great. Please let us know how it does over time as far as adhesion. If it stains again, it appears to be easy enough to repaint, so no concerns there.
    Johnson Point, Olympia, WA
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      Bit of a thread hijack. But my zodiac has a tube issue. I can clean it up like brand new (kinda) but it quickly gets sticky and footprints and everything stuck to it. Fender lines leave black marks on it. It’s impossoble to keep clean and even starts to yellow a bit over a couple of weeks.
      I had come to the conclusion the tubes were shot. As it cleans up so well but just gets sticky and deteriorates quickly.

      Last night I ran over to a dinghy place in Seattle. Waypoint marine. He said it was just build up and a ‘chemical treatment’ would fix it.

      I’m not sure what chemicals or if he just saw the dirt and thinks I am unable to clean it. Anyone had experience with a ‘chemical deep clean’
      he quoted $250- $300 so not cheap if it doesn’t work.
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