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Full-size kitchen sink in a 4588!

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    Full-size kitchen sink in a 4588!

    Our useless round sinks were driving me nuts and I was tired of waiting on hubby to do the install......he came home just in time to do the jigsaw cutout (pre-taped and templated for him). I LOVE my new sink! (PS - I uploaded in order of operation....not sure why they came out like this, sigh).
    The annoying, slow-draining T-connection.  The faucet came out via the top after disconnecting the water connections and straightening the copper lines.  It was a bit tough at first and took much jiggling to get it out.  The new sink had a faucet with hindsight, we should have just taken the jigsaw to the hole / copper pipes and pulled it out without struggling, since we weren't saving it.  Oops.  Sometimes it's just fun to cuss at things when a project is going well otherwise.... First rough measurements with painters tape laid as a "don't cut past here" guide.  We eventually had to bring the front line forward due to the hinge brackets on the front and rear of the cabinet where it meets the countertop. Each sink had tabs that needed to be loosened / removed to free the sinks from the cabinets

    Nice upgrade! We did something similar on our 38, much improved over the original.

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      That is a Great upgrade!

      I know they were just being contemporary but I truly dislike the dual sinks on our 4788 as well



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        It was a day job, and not that hard, to be honest. Worst part was trying to clean up all the sawdust (we didn't try to isolate) after the cutout. I am NOT a kitchenista, and I've cooked dinner 3 times this week just because it's so fun to wash the dishes as I go now, lol!!!

      We hated the dual extra deep OEM sink on our 38. When I installed the Corian countertop I opted for a single large sink which is so much larger and easier to work with.
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        Nice upgrade on the countertops! Ours are in good shape and a grey Formica with wooden edges, so we can live with them a while longer while we work on getting the absolutely hideous, jungle-themed, upholstery off the salon settee, lol!