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DIY Portable Oil Change System

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    DIY Portable Oil Change System

    Debated for a long time on whether to install a permanent oil change system (e.g., Reverso), purchase a portable pump, or build something in between. I ended up building a portable system using a Marco gear pump.

    As shown in the pictures, I built the system in a decent sized tool box that allows everything to be completely self-contained (holds input and output hoses, a couple filters and a funnel-with room to spare). I also decided to use a small starter battery to make it self-powered, but also wired in alligator clips just in case the battery is ever drained when I want to use it.

    First test of the system was performed this past weekend, changed the oil on both engines in our Meridian 490. Took me about 3 hours, but at least an hour of it was setting up the quick-connects on the engine discharges and being overly cautious, as this was the first time changing the oil for me on this boat.

    The pump system pulled the oil out in under 10 mins. per engine and the quick connect fittings with caps keep it a fairly clean process.

    Decided against the built in system largely due to restricted space in the engine room (certainly could have found room, but...). The portable system also allows me to share this system with some boating friends (they just need to install the quick connect fittings, then hook up is quick and easy).

    Now I just need to get quick connect fittings installed on transmissions and generator (generator should be easy, transmissions might be a different story).
    Completed system In process During the build process
    2008 Meridian 490
    2010 ArrowCat Express 30 (sold)

    That is slick.