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    Stern or remote control station (trollling)-gctid826578

    Hi all,

    Has anyone installed a stern control mini-station or a remote/trolling system on their boat? Looking into it to make pacific salmon trolling more enjoyable. I am missing hits when at the controls and a rod bounces at the back starboard downrigger (at least that's my story on those). And I also want to be safer for the sake of myself and other boats around me when I am single-handing. I am pretty adept at steering from the back of the boat using a boat hook and can also kick the motors in/out of forward or reverse with the hook, but the reality is that this is not the ideal manner to control a boat. especially when trolling near others or during those adrenaline soaked initial moments when its 'fish on!'.

    And even when I have fishing buddies on board, we all want to be at the back of the boat ready on the rods, so...

    Hoping to get some insights from forum members, pros/cons of any systems already in use, anything to watch out for etc. .

    For information's sake - twin 5.0l mercs w/bravo III outdrives. I do not use a kicker, but will often run on one leg only when trolling slow.

    And while I am posting.... I want to give a shout out to this site. When we bought our first boat this site was absolutely fantastic for information and assistance. What I have learned from the forum members here has been invaluable to my confidence and enjoyment of our boat and being on the water. Here is to all of you on the BOC! Keep up the great work!!!


    Yeah, I've been all over this topic for years and have tried a bunch of solutions. Started with a 19' boat with an 8HP kicker with a simple tiller. Went to a tie bar system that connected the main motor to the kicker.

    Last boat I had a kicker connected to a pivoting bracket from a company called Worked fairly well and they have either a wired or wireless remote option.

    On this boat, I am extremely pleased with my setup. I invested in a Simrad AP24 Autopilot system with a Bluetooth Remote Control. I already had a Simrad NSS-9 on the upper helm and a Lowrance HDS-7 on the lower. All the electronics integrate except I have to use an AP head unit at the lower (Simrad has the head unit built in at the upper station). I troll on a single engine and can control the Autopilot from either of my helm stations or while I am fishing via the remote control. The remote allows you to switch between Auto and Manual, and steer the boat in 1 or 10 degree increments. The AP also has a couple cool fishing features -- one is Depth Contour Tracking -- you can set it to keep the boat at a certain depth (e.g. 100ft) and then select the amount of variation you allow (e.g. +/- 10%). It also has a zigzag function, can do circles or squares etc... IMHO it has been the absolute best addition I've made to the boat hands down.


      are you running a kicker, or using the main engine to troll with?... the autopilot system for the main is a great option as it allows you to cruise without tending the wheel constantly. they are making outboards now with wireless remote control which is an option for fishing boats and smaller sailboats.

      a rear station could be added, but its a complicated retrofit and expensive unless you can find used equipment that is compatible with what you already have... but its do-able for a man that is determined.

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        Thanks. I will go a Google-ing for abit and follow up... that Simrad sounds perfect. The ability to follow a depth contour would sure help keep the Spring gear deep and hugging the bottom. Did you install or have someone else set it up? (feel free to add a referral here if they do good work)



          I did the installation myself. I did a writeup on it here: