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Freshwater tank air vent unclogging/re-routing-gctid817499

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    Freshwater tank air vent unclogging/re-routing-gctid817499

    I noticed my freshwater tank was very slow to fill up, and would only go to maybe 60% capacity. The vent at the thru hull was plugged, and there was water trapped in the vent hose at a low spot that was about the same height of the middle of the tank. My tank also looked like a balloon because air could not get out. I unplugged vent, and rerouted the hose so the lowest spot did not go any lower than the vent hole in the tank. Now it fills up all the way to the top of the vent hole.

    The clear vent tube used to route down alongside the white filler tube. The installers that put these boats together did not understand how this works.

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    Found a similar issue on my 2556, vent tube was kinked over right at the through hull fitting. Opened the faucet and had killer water pressure but the pump wasn't even on :huh:
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      Thanks for posting. That is likely what is wrong with the vent hose in my 3270.

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        On my 3218 there is a fiberglass channel where the table gets stowed that is molded in the hull where both fresh water and waste tank vents connect to the vent hull fittings.

        I installed a 6 inch round hatch that made it easy to work on because I couldn't reach the hose clamps at the vent fittings or for that matter see what I was doing.

        The clear vent hose on both tanks are sleeved inside a white ribbed poly hose like you see in the picture to keep the clear hose from kinking but at the connection point the clear vent hose's appeared to be kinked or at least restricted. I figured as long as I was this far I would replace the vent fittings which were relatively cheap.

        After inspecting the old vents they had everything in them but daylight.
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