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3888 Bayliner Fiberglass Hard Top Part 4-gctid810727

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  • 3888 Bayliner Fiberglass Hard Top Part 4-gctid810727

    I completed all of the components. Now it was time to assemble them.

    The assembly process went fairly fast. After all the parts were glued together I was ready to start the fiberglass work.

    In the photo below you will see some aluminum foil on the side of the wood.

    I don't know if it will work or not, but I put them on to act as as radar reflectors?

    I used 1/8" door skin in the center of the top. It was there just to hold the fiber glass.

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    OMG.This is way beyond a simple rebuild.You got a boatyard going.Serious talent on display


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      Dang Knotty! You're way beyond my skill level . . . this has to be a 5 "wrencher" project with some engineering principles thrown in . . . good luck there, my friend . . . you're on your way!!
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        Great job!

        Your backyard had a familiar look to it; then I noticed that you live in Long Beach. I used to live just south of El Dorado Park.
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