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Rocket Launcher Install - 265-gctid810018

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    Rocket Launcher Install - 265-gctid810018

    We've had our 265 for about 9 years. The boat had the factory radar arch installed sometime before we bought it - but it had been removed for some unknown reason. However, the mounting points remained. Pics 1 and 2. The unused mounting points always kinda bugged me. I considered getting another radar arch, but a big challenge for me is getting the boat in and out of my driveway - its really tight and a replacement factory arch is quite spendy. So, I came up with a rocket launcher holder. I had a local fab shop build me the rod. Its a piece of 1" 316 Stainless, with bimini tops caps (also s/s) welded on, drilled out to accept a 3/8" bolt. (Pics 3 and 4): These are the rocket launchers:

    The installed product is pic 5. Apologies for the angles of some of the pics. The boat is in my driveway, close to the house. I'll add a decent picture when I get her in the water and the opportunity presents itself. I'm quite happy with the finished product. We usually fish with the aft part of the camper back removed, so accessing the rods from inside the boat is quite easy. Costs: The rod fab was $140 (all material and labour, tax) and, as you can see, the rocket launchers are $52 for a set of two (so about $150 for 6). $27 for the s/s bolts/ washers.

    About $325 (Canadian) on the boat.

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    Mike & Dixi
    2006 265 5.0 MPI B3
    Closed Cooling