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    Installed a few new items-gctid397632

    Well, work and other obligatins have prevented me from splashing my boat this year. Really bummed about that. I did have some time this past week to do a few things.1.) Installed a new horn.2.) Installed a new 800 GPH Bilge pump3.) Replaced the brand new Dual Purpose Marine battery (story to follow)4.) Replaced the stock starter with a new HTGR/PMGR Starter5.) Bought a new handheld VHF radio from West MarineWell the radio, horn and bilge pump were long overdue on the list of things to be done. I still want to add a second bilge pump for when things go from bad to worse. The battery replacement wasn't planned, but became necessary. I was trying to start the engine for the first time this year after winterizing it. Battery had a good charge, engine cranked just fine, but wouldn't fire. Sprayed some starter fluid down the carb, she kicked a few times, and then back to no fire. Repeated a few times, still no fire. I went to crank once more, and about 1-2 seconds into it, everything died. No crank, no gauges, no nothing. Great I say, what now. Did I blow a fuse? Well there isn't a single fuse that would kill all power. So off I go to investigate. After about a minute or two, I look over at the battery, and the positive cable is completely off of the screw down post. Correction, the entire screw down post is gone! I see the cable is resting on the front edge of the battery. I go to grab it, OUCH!!! That's hot! Also what's left of the screw down post is now melted into the battery case. It apparently got hot enough to melt/weaken the lead post to the point where it pulled away. So, since it's still under warranty, off to Advance Auto I went to get it replaced. Which they did free of charge. Now I decided, enough is enough with the starter potentially being weak or bad enough to pull so much current. Off I went to the local marine store and bought a new HTGR/PMGR starter. Man is the new one smaller and lighter! Took me about 2.5 hours to swap the starter, but man was it worth it! She cranks much faster, and the battery cable doesn't even get warm!Hopefully I'll hit the water within the next couple of weeks!


    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/701314=29441-IMAG0652.jpg[/img]Thanks all for now.-Jorden

    our horn needs to be fixed.. but have 3 handheld annoying ones... I found in my storage unit a BRAND new VHF I had bought back in 99.. still in the box.. so we will mount that one on the flydeck.. our hand held is always within reach and the mounted one over the helm with the sonar stuff... we take the handheld with the zodiac in the emergency bucket of items when we go ashore...