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  • 2152 Cuddy Outboard Bracket and downrigger mounts-gctid395791

    Auxiliary outboard mounting

    I use my boat for fishing sometimes and needed to have a trolling motor and I also wanted it for safety. Originally I mounted it on the small swim grid on the starboard side of the boat. It worked OK but was not great. For one it meant anyone reboarding the boat would have to climb around it. I am not sure if it could be done by someone not in good physical condition. It was also a pain removing it each time I went to the lake.

    My first preference was for a solid type mount. It became obvious to me though that any of the premade ones would not work on my boat. The thick part of the boat referred to as the ÔÇÿthe transomÔÇÖ only makes up about half of the actual height of the back of the boat on the 2152. The top half which bumps out a couple of inches is just normal thickness hull material so it is only a quarter inch thick. The solid mount units would be way too low if it was mounted to the lower transom and too high if was mounted to the thinner top half.

    My next thought was to go for the type that lets the motor go up and down. I picked one of them up and after experimenting with the travel I determined that it needed to be mounted over the bump out in the hull. Ideally I wanted to not have to tilt the motor when it was not in use. The final setup accomplished this, I simply have to raise the bracket to the top position and the little motor is clear when running at speed. When lowered it can either be used in the most bottom position or one up from there. The bracket is made of aluminium, plastic splitting wedges and some round plastic spacers cut from some round stock and then shaped to fit the hull. All bolts are stainless. I ran a gas line from the main tank, it is connected to the exit side of the main engine fuel filter. I do not trailer with the little engine on the bracket.

    Downrigger mounting spacers

    The previous owner of my boat mounted the downrigger mounting blocks right to the deck at the back of the boat. They were OK there but the downrigger could not be tipped up because the spool on the downrigger would hit the deck of the boat. I added the aluminium box to space them up so now the downrigger can be tilted to the vertical position. Admittedly they are kind of ugly... I used the same holes as the plastic mounting blocks though so I can go back to flush mounting if I want to.

    Battery Disconnect Switch

    I added this for the obvious reason, It was a pain always always removing the battery case lid and disconnecting the terminal. The layers of quarter inch plywood I laminated together for backing the outboard bracket created a convenient place to mount it.

    1979 32 Uniflite Sport Sedan twin 270 crusaders
    2003 Bayliner 2152 210 Classic 5.0 mercruiser - sold
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