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    38XX starboard engine water heater hoses-gctid388292

    I replaced the vintage 1987 heater hoses from the starboard engine to the Red Dot heater yesterday. Turned out to be WAY easier than I expected! Finally, a job in a boat that went better than expected. As I previously wrote the ends of the hoses were splitting at the engine fixture and causing coolant leaks. I cut them back several times to get hose that would not split on install but now I was running out of hose. I bit the bullet and bought two 10 foot lengths of 5/8 heater hose and promised myself to get this done.

    I closed the valve on the upper hose to shut down the system and disconnected the hose at the valve. I had previously changed the short section of hose from the block to the valve. I had a plug on hand for the other lower hose in my DC (damage control) kit on board so I cut the lower hose and plugged it about 4 inches from the block. With my handy small bucket I blew into the upper hose and cleared the coolant via the lower hose into the bucket.

    Next I remove the Red Dot heater from the bottom stair in the galley. Upon removal I inspected the run of the hoses. There are two hose mounts holding the hoses to the forward wall of the engine room, I removed these for later use. Where the hoses go forward above the starboard fuel tank it is a straight shot to the stairs. Bayliner, in my boat, put two hose holders in the overhead of the fuel tank spaces on the way to the galley but did not cinch them tight. The hoses moved quite freely in these holders then the hoses go through a separate hole for each hose into the hollow of the stairs to the back of the heater core.

    I then disconnected the hoses from the heater core and found that blowing them out from the engine room was very successful and hardly any coolant was left in the hoses or core but I suggest that plastic be layed down anyhow to protect your carpet. Using a 5/8 hose brass repair fitting (no hose clamps or it wont pull through) to attach the two hoses, old and new, together; I pulled from the engine room side while the First Mate gently pushed from the galley side to assist the hose through the holes. The new hoses pulled through very easily with about 1 1/2 feet of hose as extra when it was all reassembled.

    So, for all those who have been leary of doing the job or have left the hoses disconnected it is easy to get 'er done. I have found I really like this Red Dot heater in the cold early spring or late fall and want it operational, so don't give up on it!

    I will also put this in the completed projects forum for those who come along later.