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Freezer for 2859-gctid712467

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    Freezer for 2859-gctid712467

    I have a 2000 2859, which we use for extended cruising, and had inquired of the BOC for a good location for an additional Freezer. There were a few good suggestions and I promised to post pictures of my completed project; so here it is. We already had a 2.5 cu.ft. refrigerator/freezer standard to the 2859, but wanted to increase our capacity for frozen meats/veggies. Choosing a model that automatically switched from DC to AC, Low amp consumption, and one that fit in with factory created dimentions of our boat; and convience to galley were our priorities.

    We chose the Engle MT45. a 43 quart unit which satisfied all our requirements, and with some modifications, fit under the forward seating for the dinett table. I have attached pictures that will better explain where and how this was accomplished. Notice that the first step was to cut out and hinge the seat bottom. Next was to fabricate a shelf for the freezer to sit on. I could have put it on the compartment floor, however I wanted to utilize as much of the space as possible. The unit measures 25 1/2" Length x 14 3/8" Width x 20" Height; the space under the seat measures approx 30" high. By raising the freezer up 10", it provides easier access for the galley slave and gives her more room under the unit for canned goods, spare parts etc.

    This unit draws little and has kept our food well froozen (.2.5A @ 12V DC; 0.7A @ 110V AC). We do run two 18w solar panels and two 850cca deep cycle batteries and never had an issue with power. The longest the unit has gone without the genset running is 6 days, but there was plenty of battery left and it could have kept our meat frozen much longer. With the solar panels, It would probably go on working indefinately. I did add a large and small vent on the inside wall of the enclosure to allow airflow over the compressor area. The placement worked out great. Its out of the way, but handy; Its out of the sun and in a cool place. Hope the pictures are helpful to those of you interested in a similar project..

    I ran a dedicated AC and DC line to the unit installing the outlets inside the cabinet space just inside to the left of the door opening.

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    Nice follow up.Great install!!

    I just showed your pictures to the Admiral, now she wants one. Thanks. :evil:
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      Thanks for the Kodos; When the "Admiral" cracks the whip and you need answers, I will be glad to answer what I can about the project.


        Great project, I have this on my to due lit and yes if the Admiral speaks we listen. :P
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