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Replaced the Throttle and Shift Cables on both engines in our 305.-gctid692338

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    Replaced the Throttle and Shift Cables on both engines in our 305.-gctid692338

    Our helm engine controls had become very stiff. The cables from the shift pivot point to the out drives have been replaced twice in the last four years so I decided to ignore them as a concern. I disconnected the control cables at the engines and removed the helm control and disconnected them from it as well. So with all the cables disconnected but still in place I tried sliding the center cable of each. One slid smoothly, one would slide , the other two would barely move. SO I decided to replace all four.

    On our 2004 305 Bayliner used Teleflex CC179 cables. The lengths installed from Bayliner were 19, 21, 21 and 24 feet. In hind sight I would have purchased 19, 21, 24 and 26' for the 305.

    I replaced the cables with Teleflex aka Seastar Xtreme cables which are supposed to be higher quality and have a tighter working bend radius.

    In order to ease the cable route in the end I did not use the exact same path as Bayliner. I made a new hole near the helm station slightly forward of the control head and high inside the space.

    The cables come up from the engines making sweeping turns and the tightest turn is the connection to the Port Shift which is about an 18" radius.

    The cables come forward in the space over the aft cabin bed and enter the helm thru the new 2" hole I drilled forward of the helm controller. The cables make about 270 degrees of a loop about 24" diameter and come up to the helm control.

    Now in place but not connected I tried moving the cables. I do not think they moved better than the best of the old ones but they are far better than the ones that would barely move.

    I connected the cables and adjusted the throttle connections and the shift connections using a $9 Mercury Bravo shift adjustment template tool. The control station and engine pivot points were all lubed with white lithium grease.

    I think the controls move easier than before.

    The boat is not in the water and the engines are winterized. I will report back in the spring if this was a successful project or not.

    BTW - I was later told that the GlenDinning control cables might be a better choice.
    Jim McNeely
    New Hope a 2004 Bayliner 305 Sunbridge Express Cruiser
    Twin 5.7s with Bravo2 drives
    Brighton, Michigan USA
    MMSI # 367393410

    I also replaced some cables with Seastar Xtreme cables. I don't know if they moved any better then any other brand of new cables but they did seem to take away all the free play i had and made the controls nice and tight.
    Pat. Sandpoint Ida