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Power inverter and flip down tv [PICS]-gctid382218

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    Power inverter and flip down tv [PICS]-gctid382218

    A couple other things I have been meaning to get on here. I installed a xantrex 1500w power inverter and a flip down tv in my aft cabin. I will start by thanking carlos for his help with the wiring and fishing, much appreciated!!!

    The inverter install was slightly challanging, fishing the wires threw the boat turned out to be alot easier than I thought. We had to run the remote switch and 110v power lines from the shorepower panel to the maintanance locker behind the aft cabin. Ended up pulling the fridge and removing a few access panels, fished all the wires threw and tada here we are. 12v is supplied via 0 guage(I think, cant remember but its beefy) directly to the house batteries just outside the firewall.

    Inverter installed. There it sits happily ready to give me tv without the use of my genny

    Here is the install on the shorepanel. Lucky for me, my boat has all the switches for a generator, but no generator. I took advantage of this and wired the inverter to the generator breaker that has the safty slide over it. Worked out very well, I also installed the remote switch to the left.

    Here is the tv I installed. Its a tview or something, one of the few with speakers and a decent review on most sites. I could have done the wiring better, a different route all together but oh well, its for my kid and I sleep in the front anyway

    Its only a 9.9'' screen, but it works good for her and the admiral, had to move the light back a bit though to fit it in there. It has lights on the front too so its no big deal.

    Good idea..very cool.



      I like the TV idea in the cave. That model has a tuner?


        we installed one near the helm, it powers the laptop with nobletec on it and the stereo. I like the idea of them..