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    Victoria 2750 - Hull and Bottom Paint-gctid379873

    As my boat is being repowered, my mechanic is allowing me to perform work on my boat while it is on the hard. I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to paint the hull and give it a new coat of antifouling paint.You might recall I painted my flybridge with Rustoleum in this thread... The flybridge still looks great, despite the tons of use it has gotten over the past two years. I decided to employ the same technique to the hull. What I essentially did was dilute equal parts Rustoleum and mineral spirits, and give it six coats, with a light 800 grit sanding in between each coat.Here is a before pic:

    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/683356=27507-IMG_20120417_171031.jpg[/img]Here are some after pics:




    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/683356=27506-IMG_20120509_175830.jpg[/img]I decided to change the color of the bottom paint. The blue bottom paint stained very easily and the shade of blue was not what we had hoped for.

    Looking good. It will be interesting to see how your paint holds up on the hull.


      I think it might do better on the hull than anywhere else, since nobody walks on it, scratches it, etc. The worst abuse it would get is a fender rubbing against it.


        Looks good Ed. The darker color is more practical.


          curious how it does at the waterline...


            dpoelstra wrote:
            curious how it does at the waterline...
            The antifouling paint is at the waterline and a little above it. The Rustoleum is above the water line.


              Astral Blue wrote:
              The antifouling paint is at the waterline and a little above it. The Rustoleum is above the water line.
              Hey :0

              IMO don`t do it.F/B is different than the 2-3 weeks You can see a paint jacket peeling off the hull in salt water. i did ones with cheap paint.

              spray with endura or brush with proper marine paint.

              Do a test first and leave 2-3 weeks in sea water You have time anyway


                I don't know...I used some old black Rustoleum rattle can to paint over the transducer install and the patchwork on the old holes. I expected it to peel off right away is salt, and it is fine. I do trailer, so I am not sitting in the watter, but it is holding up surprisingly well for a quick rattle can job, and this is all under the waterline. I am VERY interested in how this holds up.


                  FAQ from rustoleum site :

                  Can I use Rust-Oleum paints for a swimming pool?

                  No. These products are not suitable for continuous water immersion

                  Can your products be applied to fiberglass?

                  Yes. If providing a profile (roughing the surface) can be achieved, it is possible to paint fiberglass. However, if the substrate flexes a lot, the product may lose adhesion and crack off.

                  Do you have paints for boats?

                  Yes. We make a line of marine coatings

                  How can I create an anti-slip surface?

                  A An anti-slip surface can be created by adding a fine aggregate to the mix before application. Rust-Oleum offers an anti-slip additive, product number 200504 that can be used.

                  If my garage has windows, will the coating fade?

                  A No, only direct UV exposure will cause the coating to fade