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    Adding a Shore Power Utility Plug-gctid524127

    So my little project begins. My boat does not have ANY Shore Power at this time, and as I leave it in the water I wanted a safer way of getting power into the boat for tools, charger, heater or whatever.

    Thanks to SomeSailer at APlus Mobile Graphics & Design for making the custom panel.

    The design was inspired by EZacdc Boat Wiring products, but I needed something less elaborate and less expensive.

    I rounded the prices up to the next dollar for simplicity.

    $20.00 Custom Panel

    $15.00 20 AMP Breaker

    $ 8.00 15 Amp GCFI outlet

    $ 7.00 15ft green wire for safety/bonding run

    $10.00 8ft 12/3 flat boat wire

    $ 3.00 Red LED

    $ 3.00 Green LED

    $70.00 Shore Power Inlet (not pictured)** Price is approximate

    **I actually found a shore power inlet at Pacific Marine Exchange for $30.00 but there are several models available in the $30-$80+ range depending on material and your needs.

    Now Budgeting $136 for a utility outlet may seem like a bit much and you may be wondering if DIY is really saving anything.

    Well, you be the judge.


    [li]A BlueSea panel that JUST has the Breaker and LED's, no outlet, nothing else, just a panel with a breaker and two LED's is about $100.00..[/li]

    [li]The EZacdc Shore Power solution, while it does have a box and an outlet and comes with the inlet with a pre-wired harness starts at $285.00[/li]


    Here are the parts not including the shore power inlet I left on the boat, and some screws.

    [img size=600][/img]
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